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Chrix by i-am-alchemy Chrix :iconi-am-alchemy:i-am-alchemy 0 0
My Tree
I think we've lost the focus of family,
the essence of platonic bonds.
If we ever had it.
Vanquished by jealous anger.
God forsaken and heathenistic battles.
Resentment of birth rights,
rocking chairs cast aside.
For lack of past, no one to tell the
Yule time history.
Poor traditions made to replace and hide.
No better way. Pile on the cover up.
Decorate the pine boxes.
Hold hands and pray for alibis and aliases.
Shrouded in mystery our settlement graves' hold stangers.
The living scream from below.
Rotting flesh prances around
masking lies.
I know no history, I know no future.
I realize present and cry for the past.
No one sits me on their knee for comfort.
No one communicates to soothe
I rock alone making up my own tree.
Swinging from the lives others had.
No history. No future. No present. No being.
Just me and someone elses' grandmother willow.
:iconi-am-alchemy:i-am-alchemy 2 1
A Short Ode to Facebook
So. Um. Now that we're friends on Facebook.
Now what?
Our friend count goes up and our communication goes down.
Or your someone I know but don't know all at the same time,
but as long as it's on Facebook it's official.
So can I tell everyone I know you?
Or is that not allowed because it's getting to be too personal.
Can I say hi to you as we pass or is that too personal.
Hey it's Facebook.
Let's just be FriendlyIdon'tAssociateWithYouInPublic type friends.
The type that pass but never speak.
It's okay to add you because some of your friends. 3. Are my friends too.
So I'll add you.
Never mind that I don't know you
We have friends in common.
And that's all that matters.
:iconi-am-alchemy:i-am-alchemy 1 0
I Don't Have a Title for You
So he tells me:
Please keep your hand over your heart to keep your soul in
I eat and gourge myself on berries
Cover myself in reds and blacks
Stain the whites of hospitals I swallow down
My dreams fainting like dominoes
Birthing babies through my forehead like Zeus
More than just the wise Athena fall
Keep your hand over your mouth to keep your soul from escaping
Subtle placement and my chest explodes
Soul roams irritated underneath the skin
Tears hold it back
Keep it in
I belch
Keep your honey eyes covered to keep your soul in
Bind it down young lady
All the thoughts you gave
Impregnate the hope you lost
Detain the word 'like'
and slaughter the misuse of the darkness
I open mouth contempt and fury
Passionately taking on bitter time
Hopping between manic and maniac
bouncing cranberries off the heads of bald men
Staining their thoughts tart
I smoke my pen
and tomorrow I won't remember any of this
:iconi-am-alchemy:i-am-alchemy 2 0
Hand meets body
"Stop it."
He pushes it all away
"I can't."
The kiss shatters; tears brim
"You can't keep using me like this."
Pain filled mist floats from the lip lined ground
"I know."
The moist salt completes the storm
" don't."
The fog clears; image emptied.
:iconi-am-alchemy:i-am-alchemy 0 0
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Few Words
He enters and the room stops.
She stands planted in his way oblivious to the stillness.
She turns and he fills her eyes.
"I di..." falls to the floor. Forgotten.
their lips.
The Kiss
Passion perfect.
They right, lips entwined
She shies a step back.
Eyes closed, "I hate you." caresses his face.
"Why" stumbles toward her.
Their eyes grab each other
"because you make my heart want to fly out of my chest and into yours."
:iconi-am-alchemy:i-am-alchemy 1 0
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